2 Public Prosecutors in İstanbul Suspended from Duty

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Tansu Pişkin, Bianet

It has been reported that Public Prosecutor İsmet Bozkurt, who issued the indictment against Academics for Peace, and Public Prosecutor Lütfi Karabacak have been suspended from duty for “bargaining with FETÖ members for money.”

As part of an investigation conducted by the İstanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, Public Prosecutors Lütfi Karabacak from the Terror and Organized Crimes Bureau and İsmet Bozkurt from the Unidentified Crimes Bureau have been suspended from duty by the 2nd Chamber of the Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSK).

As reported by Seyhan Avşar from daily Cumhuriyet, the two prosecutors allegedly gave verdicts of non-prosecution in exchange for money in the investigations that they conducted against the FETÖ (Fethullahist Terrorist Organization, held responsible for staging the coup attempt in 2016).

It has also been reported that while the investigation against the two Public Prosecutors has been conducted by Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor Hasan Yılmaz, Public Prosecutor Lütfi Karabacak has stated that no official letter of suspension has been delivered to him.

It has been further claimed that the conversations between the public prosecutors and alleged members of the FETÖ have been detected during the wiretapping of the police and a lawyer filed a criminal complaint against the prosecutors who allegedly "bargained for money."

Bozkurt issued indictment against Peace Academics

İsmet Bozkurt, one of the two public prosecutors suspended from duty, issued the indictment against Academic for Peace for having signed the declaration entitled "We will not be a party to this crime." Four academics served time in prison due to this indictment.

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Conducting the investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Consulate General in İstanbul as well, İsmet Bozkurt previously "gave a decision of non-prosecution" for businessperson Fettah Tamince, the owner of Rixos Hotels who confessed that he was a part of the FETÖ organization for some time in the past.

After preparing an indictment against Fatih Erdem, the Chief Executive of GENPA company, for "being a member of the FETÖ armed terrorist organization", he has been removed from his post at Terror and Organized Crimes Bureau and assigned to Unidentified Crimes Bureau.

Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors launched an investigation against Karabacak

The Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) conducted an investigation against Lütfi Karabacak, the other public prosecutor suspended from duty. After the investigation dated 2005 was concluded, Karabacak was given a punishment of change of place.

Afterwards, Karabacak was appointed as the prosecutor of National Intelligence Agency (MIT) trucks case, whose court board was changed two days before the hearing was held. He was the prosecutor of the hearing held at the 14th Heavy Penal Court.

Karabacak also demanded that former prosecutor Turhan Turunç, who was tried as part of the judicial structuring of FETÖ, "benefit from effective repentance provisions on the ground that he made sincere statements by showing remorse and helped to solve the structure of the organization."


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